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Importance of Video Marketing today!


It is the year 2019. Each adult is watching videos on average for 6 hours a day. Five billion videos are being watched on YouTube every single day. 64% of business owners use videos in their marketing and brand awareness and 73% of business owners that use videos have converted sales leads after portraying their videos… Are you one of them?

Video marketing is a must for any business in today’s technological society. Businesses who do not use this opportunity in this new digital age are choosing to be left behind.

Let me do a quick insight into what type of video clips you can create for brand awareness and digital video imprint on today’s audiences to achieve greater success for your brand and/or business.

There’s no need for a director when you can use a simple mobile app such as Adobe Spark and Imovie or online web apps such as Canva, Giphy, Promo and WeVideo. Any application software which has studio and editing options can be used for video production. You can create videos for free straight from your phone. You could use photos from your photo album, google drive, free stock footage from online websites such as Pixabay, copyright free and you could even include graphics and gifs for a more appealing video.


Social video marketing is a component of an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around a given video.

Social media is a massive boom today and there for a must use marketing tool for brand awareness and sales. It has been statistically observed that 84% of users prefer more video content than other marketing content.

By using engaging, creative video content you can least of all get these viewers to remember your brand name, by creating brand awareness that later converts into sales leads.




Some Ideas for your video content:

Unless it is a documentary or another long type of video, an explainer video, trailer or promotional video should be about 25 – 59 seconds to show what it is and why to choose it. It is good to know that statistically, 26-second videos have the most views and engagement.

  • Brand/Product video
  • Special promotion video
  • How-to video…
  • How not to video…
  • Testimonials video
  • Q and A session
  • Creation process (Behind the scenes)
  • Introduce the team
  • Before and after
  • Say Thank you
  • Public stunt
  • Commercial


From my point of view, you must have a video, and you must have it now. There is so much information available on the ways to create the video yourself and there are so many companies eager to get hands on to your project. Don’t waist any second and make it work. Include videos in your marketing plan!

This article is more of an eyeopener/reminder in a brief version, as I am aware of how busy everyone is these days.

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Article by Elvijs Plugis