Project Description

Project Brief

Right from the get-go, we know there was a clear objective for Applied Business Academy; we had just the plan for them. By creating enlightening and snazzy promotional videos for their courses we could target their desired demographic of teenagers and older students. We also provided pioneering course materials for their many presentations and supplied them with our consulting services whenever necessary.

Conceptual Design Samples

What We Did

We began by creating a range of visual templates to be used across the social media channels, which linked in with their brand guidelines and website feel. Vibrancy and consistency were key in order to capture the attention of our audience and to make the Applied Business Academy easily identifiable.

We worked with the Executive Education team to drive leads for some of their courses. Each course is its own ‘campaign’, as the target audience and subject matter is extremely varied and often quite niche. We have created promotional videos and many presentation decks for AB Academy.

Skills Needed

Project Planning
Graphic Design