Project Description

Project Brief

Cheron London was conceived by a passionate team of individuals who were on the hunt to source ‘out-of-this-world’ fragrances for all to enjoy. With their unique combinations of notes, which they have carefully selected for each exclusive fragrance, the Cheron team wants to launch all their fragrance products in London.

Conceptual Design Samples

About The Project

For Cheron London, Impetors have provided a marketing plan and business strategies, we helped them to design a logo and create their branding. We are currently in the process of creating, editing and constantly improving the Cheron London website, including using SEO to ensure that their website comes top of the list of google searches. We also run their social media pages working hard to increase their following.

Impetors also recently visited London Fashion Week with Cheron London, this gave way to many opportunities for Cheron, giving them the chance to increase their brand recognition, giving away hundreds of tester products in goody bags, hoping for the chance to gain hundreds of loyal customers from the event. Impetors handled every last detail for Cheron, even down to find a goody bag supplier, allowing them a stress-free launch and leaving them feeling happy with the results.

The Outcome

+85% increase in followers on Instagram
+92% increase in social media post-interaction
+89% increase in website visits from a Facebook

Impetors have also provided Cheron London with two Online interviews and a Live TV Stream service to Italy.