Project Description

Project Brief

Choize is now one of the leading retailers of the highest quality natural and organic Perfume Oils alongside our Private collection Fragrances. The mix of fragrance is among the absolute best instances of the idea of cooperative energy at work. The selected fundamental oils and their situation within the hierarchy of a fragrance plays a definitive formulation.

Conceptual Design Samples

What We Did

Impetors have established and created profile for Choize on google and google maps presence. Google/Google maps – screen shoots attached.We created a new Twitter account and LinkedIn account for Choize which would help them more social media networks which they didn’t had before.Our research and analyses on local competitors in Livingstone centre and close area was done in two sections, Jewellery and Perfume and have communicated followed by various approaches to work around social medias of Choize and people involved with it.
The optimization of search engines was the main boom to Choize followed by creating few registries for Choize to indicate local listings as the base platform.

Skills Needed

Social Media Management
Google Services
Research and Analysis
SEO & Back-listing