Project Description

Project Brief

To open a new Flagship Store in Central London, Impetors was approached by London Pride Ltd company, one of the leading commercial and retail companies of gifts & souvenirs trading in London, Scotland, York and Liverpool. To showcase its new flagship store, they required a new brand with a standout name and bold visual identity. They require a team who can support them from A to Z for a new retail store to launch successfully.

Conceptual Design Samples

What We Did

We created a brand based on their idea and vision that was thoroughly understood by our designer and brand team. We created this brand change through specialist brochures, dynamic advertising and focused email marketing, all linking back to a solution-rich and user-friendly website. Initially, House of Spells was an idea sparked from inspiration, but now it is one of the most loved stores in London. We supported House of Spells development by holding special events for influential individuals, created enthralling brochures, leaflets and other forms of advertisement.

We contributed by putting our event management skills to use by producing PR stunts to advertise the store and at this current moment. Furthermore, we brought our knowledge of social media marketing to the table by creating dozens of imaginative posts in the format of designs and videos. Last, of all, our biggest achievement was the development of the innovative House of Spells website that has received multiple hits that really solidified the brand’s power in this industry.

Skills Needed

Project Planning
Graphic Design