Project Description

Project Brief

The client had a goal to achieve brand recognition and to turn brand recognition into sales, to achieve this we created an engaging website. We used SEO to assure that traffic is directed to Logicasoft’s website before other competitor companies this ensured an increase in customers and an increase in business due to higher engagement.

Conceptual Design Samples

What We Did

Taking everything that we learn from meeting with the Logicasfot team, we then started a period of auditing and further discovery. We took a deep dive into their website to assess the areas needed for improvement across both technical SEO and Content. We took a look into where their business sits in the competitive landscape,  where their audience is and where they are spending their time online.

Around 6 weeks into the analysis, we produced a strategy document that reiterates the objectives they shared with us and proposed the targets. It will be with these targets and objectives that we measure the performance of their work. We shared our proposed KPIs that will form the basis of Logicasoft’s monthly performance report.

We provided Logicasoft with a visual identity that allows them to compete with the established competitors in their field. We also delivered the tools to attract new business, build up a solid reputation and ensure an impactful arrival into IT sector.

Skills Needed

SEO & Content
Strategy & Planning
Brand & Identity