Project Description

Project Brief

Pizza is my top pick. Custom made pizza batter bested with squashed tomatoes, basil pesto, red pepper drops, two sorts of cheddar, fiery jalapeños. Heated until the covering is brilliant, and the cheddar is melty. When the pizza leaves the stove, top it with crisp basil and a sprinkle of sweet nectar to adjust all the warmth. Trust me, each and every chomp of this pizza is delightful and will leave you needing more. It’s flavourful, hot, and the ideal pizza mix.


Conceptual Design Samples

What We Did

Impetors managed Pizza Time major social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, which increased their brand awareness and established them as a thought leader and increased the website traffic.

Impetors optimised their search engines which brought quality traffic and improved the customer experience on the website.

Skills Needed

SEO Services
Social Media Management