Project Description

Project Brief

Combining Shilpa’s exquisite gilt-edged Indian cuisine with our marketing know-how, we created an awe-inspiring plan for the restaurant’s social platforms. Owing to the business-centric way in which it was presented, they were thrilled to go ahead with us.

Conceptual Design Samples

What We Did

We created consistent posts and engaging content aimed at realizing our client’s vision was our primary objective. Combine that with our passion and you get so many customers willing to come back for more food from a wider radius than they had ever had before. We also took on reputation management and making the overall picture of the brand as they wanted it.

The marketing drive attracted the attention of the London Curry Awards 2019. Shilpa Indian Restaurant was awarded the coveted ‘Best dining experience of the year 2019’ and highly commended for their amazing food.

Skills Needed

Project Planning
Graphic Design