Project Description

Project Brief

Wow Taco food chain has turned out to be conspicuous on each internet-based life stage, making a one of a kind web-based life nearness that is unrivalled to its competitions. The best known of Mexico’s street foods is the taco, was developed to soften corn for grinding and improve its nutritional value. To exhibit its new lead store, they required a brand with a champion name and intense visual personality. They require a group who can bolster them from beginning to the end for another retail location to dispatch effectively.

Conceptual Design Samples

What We Did

With the help of our great designing team, we have created an astonishing menu design which is more engaging and vibrant for the customers- a feast for the eyes before the meal.

We have created social media platform for their business where we manage top- performing social media campaigns for business. Our company manages social media networks such as twitter, Facebook, Google plus and Instagram on their behalf promoting their brand through innovative and creative through digital marketing.

We created an astonishing web design for Wow Taco which encompasses several different aspects including layout, content design, graphics also optimised their search engines which implied a diverse positive change in their business.

We did a promotional video which promoted their products with a wide area of customers which was their main intend of the business. Those promotional videos were the transmitted information which allows the customers to purchase the products without outright request to buy them.

With the streamline administration of our recruitment executives they managed to employ exact skilled people into various vacancies for Wow Taco. Our recruitment team have wide database of many skilled labours where they allocate each individuals perfectly fit for the job.

Skills Needed

Project Planning
Graphic Design