Applied Business Academy


Project Brief Right from the get-go, we know there was a clear objective for Applied Business Academy; we had just the plan for them. By creating enlightening and snazzy promotional videos for their courses we could target their desired demographic of teenagers and older students. We also provided pioneering course materials for their [...]

Akbar Travels


Project Brief Our main focus on Akbar Travels was building their brand awareness and identity. We started out by designing them a flashy new logo in order for them to stand out amongst their competitors. Conceptual Design Samples What We Did Our next stage was [...]

Wow Taco


Project Brief Wow Taco food chain has turned out to be conspicuous on each internet-based life stage, making a one of a kind web-based life nearness that is unrivalled to its competitions. The best known of Mexico’s street foods is the taco, was developed to soften corn for grinding and improve its nutritional value. To exhibit its new [...]



Project Brief Choize is now one of the leading retailers of the highest quality natural and organic Perfume Oils alongside our Private collection Fragrances. The mix of fragrance is among the absolute best instances of the idea of cooperative energy at work. The selected fundamental oils and their situation within the hierarchy of [...]



Project Brief Cheron London was conceived by a passionate team of individuals who were on the hunt to source ‘out-of-this-world’ fragrances for all to enjoy. With their unique combinations of notes, which they have carefully selected for each exclusive fragrance, the Cheron team wants to launch all their fragrance products in London. [...]

House Of Spells


Project Brief To open a new Flagship Store in Central London, Impetors was approached by London Pride Ltd company, one of the leading commercial and retail companies of gifts & souvenirs trading in London, Scotland, York and Liverpool. To showcase its new flagship store, they required a new brand with a standout name [...]

Pizza Time


Project Brief Pizza is my top pick. Custom made pizza batter bested with squashed tomatoes, basil pesto, red pepper drops, two sorts of cheddar, fiery jalapeños. Heated until the covering is brilliant, and the cheddar is melty. When the pizza leaves the stove, top it with crisp basil and a sprinkle of sweet nectar [...]