Web Design

It is vital that we take time and pay close attention to detail when creating your website to perfect every last detail and make sure it is ‘customer-ready’ before launching. Otherwise, if your website is rushed e.g. if your service requires people to sign up, but you forgot to add a ‘call to action’ on your website, then you’re losing a huge number of possible customers!

We ensure that our designs including colour scheme, images, fonts etc, are all in line with your brand guidelines and work with your brand image. They can even design websites using a handful of sites to truly enhance your brands, such as Wix, WordPress and GoDaddy.

We pride ourselves on our ability to optimise each website we create. We will keep updating the SEO content regularly to ensure it is still relevant. Lots of companies are tricked by the words ‘SEO ready’ when they buy a website however If the only way your website appears on the first page of Google is by typing your business name, then you are missing out on many sales opportunities –  If customers don’t know your brand name how will they find you? This is why we ensure SEO is used on every website we create so that you don’t only appear under your business name, but when people search for what you sell or the service you provide or even the location of your company

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Website Development

In this digital age, having a solid website development strategy in place is necessary if you want to succeed. We can ensure that your website fits your brand, suits your needs and your goals.

Our website development team, are highly skilled with knowledge of Html, Java and other coding languages also CSS to ensure the fine details of your website are styled to a high standard. They often create bespoke websites with unique features to enable certain functions on the websites, with full control of the HTML output creating a clean and organised code, which loads faster on browsers. This makes implementing new features in the future easy due to the solid base created with the code, and the backend system is easy to manage and user friendly for our clients.

The team can fix any issues on your website or create a new website for you. They use content management systems, platform development and integrations, Interactive tools, eCommerce platforms and many more. Always creating responsive, optimised websites!

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Content Writing

Along with web design and development, we also write content for your websites. At Impetors we’ll create unique content that attracts new customers, builds brand awareness and gets people talking. We have lots of experience writing content for websites and blog posts which increases SEO, and infographics which are attractive and eye catching. We have also previously written articles in magazines for clients, creating interest from new markets for their business.

Written content can organically increase your audience and engagement, as the content we create is informative, relevant and consistent about your business, it leaves readers wanting to know more about your business and what you do. Our team often creates smaller pieces of content – ‘micro-content’ used in social media posts and advertisements to create a desire for more information, driving customer actions up and increasing traffic to other social media and your website.

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The Right Tools For The Perfect Website.

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